Effortless Everyday Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

Don’t leave that table bare! Let me show you some great dining table centerpiece ideas you can easily recreate. Perfect for everyday life!

I have some fabulous inspiration full of great ways to decorate the table by layering it with one or several decorative items thus creating a unique one-of-a-kind look.

Can you ever go wrong with fresh flower arrangements? I think we all know the answer to that – no way! A gorgeous bouquet is always a great option for the center of the table.

Fresh Flowers

Large Centerpiece

Why not go with a large centerpiece such as a garden planter filled with your favorite potted plant. It’s a great way to give your table a fresh look.

One idea that I think makes a stunning centerpiece is two vases of varying heights filled with some simple branches.

Vases of Varying Heights

A tiered tray can be a another beautiful centerpiece that can also add function. You can use it to add color to the table with fresh fruit or flowers.

Tiered Tray

A simple wood tray filled with potted plants placed on a striped table runner. I’m still wondering why I never did this look before!

Simple Centerpiece of Plants


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