Easy Master Bedroom Decor Ideas and Design Board

Come see what master bedroom decor ideas inspired me to create my own design board for our new bedroom look!

 I went looking for a new paint color I will hopefully adore and some easy ways to update the room without spending a ton of money.

When I stumbled upon this bedroom, I was hooked. I loved the clean, neutral feel and the simplicity of the decor.

Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

This room has a very similar feel to the previous bedroom inspiration but with a more coastal vibe. I’m so in love with that canopy bed too! 

The decor in here is all neutral as well with a more brown/beige accent color throughout. Love the light gray nightstands and the textured rattan bench at the foot of the bed. 

Here’s another canopy bed with a striking black frame. Love the simple gray and white colors throughout with the modern wood touches.  

Basically I want the wall color to compliment the room rather than steal all of the attention. So I am hoping a more lighter color will achieve that look for our bedroom. 


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