20 Unexpected Things Making Your Home Look Cluttered


Does your house feel cluttered and you don’t know why? Let’s bring peace back into your home with a simple process of eliminating these top 20 things making your home look cluttered! 

If you have started feeling unsettled or stressed in your home lately, check out the list of 20 things that make your home look cluttered.

Even kitchen items themselves can start to clutter this area. Things like, utensils, paper towels, knife blocks, canisters, etc. can start to take over.

Items On Counter

If you’re a mom like me, I’m betting your refrigerator doors are also your kids’ artwork gallery, school calendar and shopping list holder. In short, it’s the epicenter of clutter.

Paper & Magnets On Fridge

We are constantly bombarded by advertisements and surrounded by words all day long. By using simple, minimalist containers with clean labels your purposefully creating a calmer feel in your home. 

Labels On Packaging

Do you have a place to put items when you first walk in the door? A place for keys, shoes, coats, backpacks and such. 

No Drop-Off Zone

Clearing off the coffee table is the making-the-bed of the living room! You want to avoid the sneaky habit of placing a clutter catch-all on the table.

Living Room Coffee Table

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