10-Minute Decluttering Tasks You Can Do!

Take the frustration out of decluttering by simplifying it! Instead of tackling the entire home at once, start with these easy 10 minute decluttering tasks.  

You may think just 10 minutes won’t make a big difference in the clutter in your home. But you may be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes those short focused periods of work can yield some huge successes!

Cluttered kitchen counters can get in the way of food prep, make it hard to find things, and really make one feel defeated when it comes to maintaining a clean home. 

Clean Off Kitchen Counters

Start be removing all the misplaced items that don’t belong on the table. If you have a dining table centerpiece, stop and evaluate it. Do you still love it? 

Declutter Dining Room Table

Another area that can get cluttered fast in a home is the bathroom counters – especially if it’s shared by many family members. 

Clear Off Bathroom Counters

Clean Out Medicine Cabinet

Decluttering the medicine cabinet is a great 10 minute task because you need to know what medicine you have on hand and that they are not expired. 

Flat surfaces seem to attract clutter like moths to a flame. It’s just so easy! So let’s take back those surfaces with a few quick decluttering tasks. 

Clear Off Bedside Table & Dresser


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