Top 10 Best Interior Gray Paint Colors

Gray is one of the most versatile colors you can choose when it comes to painting the interior of your home. I absolutely love using gray paint on everything from walls to doors, even kitchen cabinets!

Along with each of my choices, I’ll be sharing a color breakdown as well as examples of each paint color in a real-life home setting to help you see each colors full potential.

Your goal when choosing the perfect color of gray is to focus more on the undertone of the color and the lighting in the space rather than the paint chip/sample itself.

How To Choose  The Best Gray Paint

Chelsea Gray is the perfect medium-dark gray. It has warmth, but never looks brown, and has enough pigment to make a statement without shouting.

Chelsea Gray

The darkness and richness of this smoky gray remind me of a luxuriant cashmere sweater. You just want to snuggle into it with a book and what’s more serene than that?

Kendall Charcoal

Cheating Heart has just the right amount of brown in it to add a nice warmth. It’s as gorgeous on walls as it is on millwork and trim.

Cheating Heart

Repose Gray is not a TRUE neutral gray as it has a teeny tiny hint of a brown in it, making it a WARM gray.

Repose Gray


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