Best Kitchen Runner Rugs

A perfect way to give your kitchen a refresh or update is by simply laying down a rug! It instantly incorporates style, color, texture and a wonderful new softness to the kitchen floor. 

 So I'm sharing tips on picking the right material and selecting the best color or pattern for your decor. I’m even got some great tricks on how to keep the rug in place!

My top preference when picking a rug for the kitchen is to go for an indoor or outdoor use rug – most often jute rugs.

What Material Is Best For The Kitchen?

Kitchen runner rugs come in a wild variety of colors, styles and patterns. My first choice is always a more neutral color scheme. 

What's The Best Color?

Some may argue that neutral color palette won’t hide spills and stains as well – but I haven’t found that to be true. I often struggle to clean up spills after the fact because they blend in sooooo well. 

No one wants a rug that makes your kitchen unsafe! I suggest, rug pads, carpet tape or rug pad grippers!

How Can I Prevent Sliding?

Now, let's look at some gorgeous rugs. All of my picks are neutral styles that can work for any kitchen decor, any season and any room besides just the kitchen – like entry ways or hallways too! 


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