Simple Ideas  For Improving Your  Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal shouldn’t be reserved for just when you’re looking to sell. Discover seven easy and quick ways to freshen up your homes outdoor appearance. 

I’ve being doing some research and found a ton of easy ways to give the front door area a nice update on a budget!

Painting your front door in a bold color can add personality to a front entrance on a budget. 

Paint The Front Door

And if a bright color isn’t for you, try a deeper, richer tone, or even something neutral with a just a hint of color. 

The best thing to compliment your new door color is some new hardware! A stylin’ door handle and a new door bell or knocker can really give your front entrance a fresh update. 

Replace The  Hardware

Adding a lovely door mat and rug combo is an easy update too. It’s one of my favorite ways to freshen up the front door. 

Warm Up The Concrete

Containers of bright flowers is a great way to add a pop of color to your front entry, and it’s temporary, so no commitment needed! 


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