Simple Decor Ideas For Styling A Console Table

Make a great first impression to your home with a gorgeous entryway! Learn my simple (and fool-proof) decorating ideas for styling a console table in a matter of minutes. 

A mirror can create a wonderful focal point that draws your eye in, thus balancing the whole entry look. 

Draw The Eye Up

When styling an open console table, you want to keep the visual weight in balance. And we can do this by adding some substantial items to ground the bottom of the table like ottoman seating.

Ground the Bottom

When styling a console table, starting with the larger pieces always makes the process easier. So add in those significant accessories like vases, table lamps or stacked books first. 

Add Significant Accessories

As we all know, those little details matter. So when it comes to those decorative objects, we want to add details that complete a look rather than clutter it. 

Style Those Little  Details


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