Simple Declutter Challenge How To Declutter the Kitchen and Garage

Your goal is to stay in the one location you are decluttering and stay focused on this space, uninterrupted, for as long as you can.

 If you don’t immediately say “I use this” or “I love this”, it can go. Spending time thinking about that “just in case” situation when you may or may not need it, is not helping you!

Drawer dividers and trays can neatly store the things you use most often like cutlery and cooking utensils.

Organizing Tip for Kitchen Drawers

Some kitchen cabinets can be trickier than others to organize and keep clutter-free. So, inexpensive baskets and turntables can be your best friend in these tight spots.

Organizing Tip for Kitchen Cabinets

I do like to keep daily items easily within reach. So I’ve found placing a kitchen counter tray with cooking essentials next to the stove is both functional and pretty!

Organizing Tip for Kitchen Counters


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