Lovely Container Garden Ideas For  Sun And Shade

Get inspired to create a fabulous sun and shade container garden with these gorgeous inspirational gardens. And get a master list to know what plants are best to pair together!

So today, I’m featuring  lots of sun and shade container garden ideas. And I created  a list full of the best garden  plants you’ll love! First up, let’s look at some  shade container gardens!

Love this beautiful combination! This garden has ‘Strawberry Sundae’ twinspurs (Diascia hybrid) and ‘Penny Lavender Shades’ violas combined with ‘Red Russian’ kale. 

How about this gorgeous container garden? It’s a mix of colorful of white begonias, impatiens, lilac and hedera helix and will bloom all summer long—even in full shade.

The final touch is the creeping Jenny spilling over the sides. Position this planter in the shade and water regularly for a gorgeous, so-easy-to-maintain container garden display. 

The largest pot has a densely planted collection of snapdragon, dianthus, dusty miller and sedum. And to compliment, two smaller pots are placed beside with petunias and more sedum. 


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