Easiest Method For Painting Tall Walls

With the right tools, you too can learn the easiest way to paint tall walls.  Let me show you!

The right tools can make a big difference when it comes to painting super high walls. So let's talk about what I used to get the job done fast!

Skip the painters tape and grab a paint edge roller. I was able to paint right next to the trim without any problems and saved a ton of time as well!

Start With An Edge Roller

This tool was great for cutting in along the ceiling edge where it gets a little tricky. Attached to an extension pole - you can conquer the tallest of walls with this tool!

Square Paint Edger

This tool was amazing! A fill adapter is clipped to the inside of the paint can. Once attached, the roller inserts on top of the filler. And with a simple pull back on the handle, the tube fills with paint. 

The Smart Roller

All I had to do was climb the ladder one time and paint with ease. When I needed more paint on the roller, a quick squeeze of the trigger was all I had to do!  

The Smart Roller

Just look at how much painting I was able to complete in a few hours one afternoon with this one tool!


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