The Best  Serena & Lily Dupes

If you love their modern, beachy vibe but not the hefty price tag, this is how to get the Serena and Lily style for your home. 

I often get comments saying – I love their style but it’s soooo not within my budget. So let’s take their inspiration and re-create the Serena and Lily style for a fraction of the price!

Serena & Lily has become increasing popular over the past years. They describe their style as casual and coastal, relaxed yet refined. And their designs can easily blend classic looks with modern lines. It’s easy to see why they've become a favorite!

This fun rattan chair offers a ton of style to any dining table! Serena and Lily price it at $698. But I found a great dupe that's identical for only $323. You could get 2 chairs for the price of 1 of theirs!

Avalon Dining Chair

Love the style of this mirror! The eye-catching wave makes it great for entryways. But the price is big at $1598! I found a dupe for just $119 - such a steal!

Wave Mirror

Made of leather and wood, this stool is such a classic and modern design! It’s priced at $698.  But the dupe is an exact match and only costs $99. That's a $600 savings!

Cooper Leather Stool


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