Bedroom Rug Size  and Placement Guide

Shopping for a new bedroom rug? Let me help you with this easy bedroom rug size and placement guide!

The perfect rug can anchor your room and add texture, color, and coziness. And since area rugs can be an investment, you want to know you picked the best size and texture for your home!

When choosing the size of the rug, there’s information you need to know before you buy. Things like the size of your bed and of course, the room size. 

Things To Ponder Before You Buy

Ideally, for a queen-sized bed the right rug size should be an 8×10 

What Rug Size For A Queen Bed?

When it comes to a king bed, the best option is to go bigger with a rug sized 9×12 or larger. 

What Rug Size For A King Bed?

When it comes to twin beds, the best option is to go with a rug size of 5×8. 

What Rug Size For A Twin Bed?

When in doubt if you should size up or down, always go bigger! An extra big rug will just add that much more coziness to your room – and that’s never a bad thing. 


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