5 Home Decorating Mistakes You Can Remedy In 5 Minutes

Other mistakes are actually much easier to fix than one might think. Like it could possible to fix all 5 of these popular home decor mistakes in only 5 minutes' time!

Learn the top 5 home decorating mistakes and how you can fix them in just 5 minutes of your time.

One home decorating mistake I often see is using only over head lighting for a rooms light source. But to make a room look well designed, layered lighting is the better choice.

Layer The Lighting

Add Some Green

Plants are always a great home decorating item. Besides freshening up a room, they help to also boost air quality and even reduce stress.

Your goal should be to aim for the center of the piece to hit about 60 inches, directly at eye level for most.

Hang Art Correctly

Pull pieces toward one another and off the walls to create a more intimate, useful seating experience. Plus, this will create a flow and allow the room to breathe.

Switch Up The Layout


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