Whole Foods: Organic Spectrum Ground Flaxseed…$.99!!

Right now, Whole Foods has their Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed on sale for $3.99 and in some stores I have heard as low as $3.79. There is a $3.00 off Spectrum Essential Product in their current Whole Deals Coupon Book at the stores or you can print it from their website, HERE. After this awesome coupon your final price will be $.99 or lower depending on your store!!!

The regular price of this is listed at $7.98, so you know that is one great deal, especially for Whole Foods!! And there are so many great uses for flasxeed like muffins, pancakes, and hot cereals! I am going tomorrow to check the price at my store and hopefully will be stocking up!! 

Thanks, Organic Deals!!

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