What’s Happening

working on: fixing little projects around the house.
It’s unreal how many light bulbs can break at once!
love to: hear my son read to me.
For a six year old, he’s amazing. (Super proud mama here.)

waiting for: Ryan Gosling’s car to break down in front of my house. 🙂
(Why not? He’s a cutie.)


listening to:  Clarity by ZEDD. Been stuck in my head for days.
♫  If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?  ♪

wanting to: get a manicure.
Oh, and now that I look at my feet a pedicure would be good too. 
(love this OPI Strawberry Margarita)

planning for: all boys camping trip.
I will have almost two days to myself. Think of all the projects I can do!

trying to: set office hours.
It’s super hard when you work at home to walk away from that dang computer.

enjoying: late night talks with my hubby.
It’s when everything can get really silly, really fast. (Lots of laughs.)

dreaming of: renting a home for a month in Italy.
I think this house would work. 🙂

needing: to slow down and breathe.
Starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed and exhausted.

learning to: be thankful now for future blessings.
Why? Because they always come.
wearing: They’re Real! mascara.
I got this free for my birthday from Sephora and I LOVE it.
Honestly, the best mascara I have ever tried! 🙂

craving: Cherry Pie.
I bought some cherries on sale yesterday, so I am predicting a pie in the future.
excited for: cabin time in August!
Our friends are coming to hang with us. Going to be so much fun!
doing: lots of movie watching, now that we have a TV.
Saw People Like Us with Chris Pine. Two thumbs up.
wishing for: more hours in the day.
If I didn’t need to sleep, just think how much I could get done.

So that’s my life. Care to play along?

What’s happening right now in your life?


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