What’s Happening Now

wanting to: attend a blogging conference.
 I’m a little scared to go. I have never been to one.
loving: my earlier bed time.
 For over two weeks I’ve been in bed by 10:30 (on the weekdays).
Weekends are a totally different story. 🙂 
excited for: out trip to Mexico.
Can’t wait to feel that warm sunshine on my skin and sand between my toes. 

working on: master bedroom remodel.
I have been gathering up new bedding and soon it will be time to start painting! 🙂
needing: new workout shoes.
My current pair I bought on our honeymoon. (We have been married for 12 years!)
Nike? Reebok? I have no idea. Any suggestions?

dreaming of: a bigger house.
Would love to have a basement because we just need more space. 


waiting for: Valentine’s Day.
I am going to cheat on my diet ~ oh ya! 

missing: my dryer.
It died in December and I still haven’t replaced it.
(What? I’m going to Mexico but I don’t have a working dryer? Priorities!)

wearing: my Fitbit.
It’s like a good motivating exercise friend- that counts my calories. 🙂
hoping to: win this awesome contest!
I am one of 10 finalists in Not Just A Housewife’s DIY Project contest
and I could really use your vote for my son’s nautical room (#7).
If you could take a second and hop over and vote, I would be so grateful! 🙂

doing: a new daily routine.
Workout in the morning, bloggin/DIYing/crafting in the afternoon.
Seems to be going well so far.

listening to: Brave by Sara Bareilles.
My little man can’t stop singing this around the house.
Show me how big your brave is!

craving: anything sweet.
Cookies? Yep. Chai tea from Starbucks? Of course. Chocolate? OMG, YES!

 So that’s my life. Care to play along?
What’s happening right now in your life?

Do you know how much I LOVE connecting with you?! 
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