What I Wore…Yikes! All Gray and Black?

Last Friday night my hubby and I went on a date to a dinner theater. 
It was a nice reason to get a little dressed up.

This is what I wore…

Black Blouse {The Loft}, Grey Sweater {Banana Republic}, 
Jeans {Lucky Brand}, Yellow Flats {J. Crew} Jewelry {The Loft}

This was my ‘running around town errands day’ outfit…(with a serious pose, kinda)

White blouse {The Loft}, Grey/Black Sweater {The Gap}, 
Jeans {The Gap}, Boots {Mukluks}

I just now realized that both outfits are mainly black and gray.
Note to self: no black and gray this week!

See…this is why it’s good to take pictures. I probably would have never 
realized that I am stuck in a colorless world. 🙂

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