Outdoor Furniture – What To Know Before You Buy

When looking to buy new furniture for your outdoor areas, definitely do a ton of research first. You want to make sure your purchase will be something that holds up well and you’ll love for years to come.

Here’s the best tips I’ve found when purchasing our furniture and what you should know before you buy that new outdoor furniture.

Minimize the need for upkeep as much as you can. Furniture made from metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker is known to be able to handle whatever mother nature throws their way!

Go for easy to maintain furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture cushions we are usually thinking plushy and fluffy. 

Make sure fabric options  are weather-resistant

Sunbrella makes a great line of cushions and pillows that hold up well in weather. And I’ve also used this water-repellant spray on my cushions too.

You can add years to your furniture by storing it in a shed, basement, or garage.

Consider how you will store it during the off season

If you lack a storage space, maybe look for furniture that folds up or can easily be taken apart for compact storage. Stackable chairs is a great option if you are tight on storage.


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