Try A Trend:  Vintage Vases

Update your home with a new trend that has a very vintage feel. Vintage vases are making appearances in homes everywhere. No matter your interior design style, there’s sure to be a vase for you!

So let me show you some fun vintage vase eye-candy so you can see many lovely examples of this trend in a variety of different styles and throughout multiple rooms in a home.

Vintage vases are often used in the living room. They’re perfect for side tables or even coffee tables. 

Living Room  Vintage Vases

The kitchen has a ton of great locations for vases.  Often you will find vintage vases placed in the center of dining tables. 

Kitchen  Vintage Vases

Vases are perfect for adding substance and visual weight to built-ins in the bedroom too.

Bedroom Vintage Vases

So I wanted to share how I’ve actually incorporated a couple different vintage vases into our home over the past six months or so.  

How I Tried This Trend


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