Try A Trend: Cane & Rattan Home Decor

Update your home with this fun trend that gives any room an airy feeling. No matter your interior design style, there’s sure to be a rattan or cane home decor piece for you!

I’m sharing a variety of different styles throughout multiple rooms in a home so you can see how easy this trend can be added to your own home without spending a fortune.

There are so many lovely chairs that not only add striking texture and design to the dining room, but also very comfortable seating. 

Dining Room Cane & Rattan Furniture

The kitchen has a ton of great locations for elegant cane and rattan pieces. Now I ask you, how amazing are these barstools?! I want! 

Kitchen Cane  & Rattan Touches

There are so many gorgeous headboards out there now that are a beautiful statement pieces for the bedroom. 

Bedroom Cane  & Rattan Decor

So I wanted to share how I’ve actually incorporated a couple different cane and rattan pieces into our home over the past year or so. 

How I Tried  This Trend


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