The Top 15 Flowering Shrubs For Each Season

Want to have shrubs blooming all year long in your garden? Here are some of the best flowering shrubs for every season!

 This is definitely a goal I have for our house! Nothing makes the curb appeal of a home look as lovely as flowers when they are in full bloom.

Mahonias are hardy flowers known to withstand frost. They are easy to maintain and are not very choosy about the type of soil they grow in.



They flower small red berries. Daphnes take their time to grow. Some varieties can take up to 10 years before they hit full maturity.

The yellow blooms of the Witch hazel are very fragrant and the flower buds are used to manufacture scents, creams, and herbal ointments.

Witch Hazel

This sweet landscape rose offers loads of perpetual blooms. Large sprays of single, candy apple red flowers will add color to the garden from summer until frost.

Oso Happy Candy Oh! Rose

Russian Sage with its tall wispy wands of lavender or blue flowers and grey-green silvery foliage is a hardy perennial.

Russian Sage


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