The Best Neutral Christmas Decor

Find the best neutral Christmas decor now before everything sells out. And since it’s all neutral – you can use it for years to come!

For this year my holiday decor theme will be simple neutrals. If you’re ready to deck the halls in lots of color, go for it! Most of my neutral Christmas decor picks are great for a starting foundation.

Flocked tress have come along way from looking cheap and being messy. So if you haven’t tried one yet – I highly encourage you to give it a go this year! 


There are so many different options when it comes to tree toppers. I’ve done ones that light up, ones that don’t and even just a large bow. And some years, I’ve just skipped the topper all together.

Tree Toppers

In years past, I always used tree skirts. But then every year, without fail, the skirt would get messed up. It drove me absolutely nuts! So once I tried a tree collar, I was hooked.

Tree Collar

There are so many pretty Christmas garlands! This picture below is actually is from a couple Christmas’s back but it features one of my favorite cascading garlands!



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