Summer Outdoor Decor Tour

Learn simple ways to add style and beauty to your outdoor lounge areas with this summer outdoor decor tour!

This tour is a little different than some of my past home tours because we are starting the tour in the morning on the front porch. And then we will end the tour in the evening on the backyard deck.

I kept the summer outdoor decor pretty simple. I mainly wanted to use navy and green as my colors for this area. Which most of my green was coming from plants or flowers.

Front Porch  Summer Outdoor Decor

Year after year I keep flanking my front door with Boston ferns. I just can’t stop because for only about $20 per fern I get a ton of lush green that lasts all summer long.

They are like no-fail summer outdoor decor! I think this is the first year ever that I didn’t layer my front door rug with a fun doormat.

I just didn’t find anything that I really loved this year. So I kept it simple with my absolute favorite striped outdoor rug!

The side seating area of the porch was updated with a couple of navy and white striped pillows I used last year. And the rug was featured first on the backyard deck last year. 


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