Simple Fall Decor

No need to go crazy to achieve a warm, cozy fall feeling in your home. A few touches of some simple fall decor are all you need!

Were inspired with some fun ways to add simple fall Decor to your home.

The biggest change here is new rug I had been wanting for years. I finally decided to go for it when I saw it on sale at Labor day.

Kitchen Simple Fall Decor

One stripe needs I say more. Two, the texture and design are super fun. And three, it’s in my favorite black and white neutrals. So yea, real happy with this new decor piece!

The other side of the kitchens decor is pretty much the same as this summer. I did move a few items around and added a few real pumpkins.

Kitchen Pumpkins and Coffee Too

The dining room sideboard got a little update with a new whitewashed compote bowl. I had planned on filling it with a few faux stems but I think some mini pumpkins look just as nice.

Dining Room Simple Fall Decor


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