Simple Declutter Challenge – Decluttering Closets and Bedrooms

Let’s continue tackling all the clutter in our homes with the hardest, messiest areas yet. Yes, we are decluttering closets and bedrooms.

Your goal is to stay in the one location you are decluttering and stay focused on this space, uninterrupted, for as long as you can.

So as you organize your clothing back into your closet, try the “backwards hanger” trick to weed out any other items.

Organizing Tip for Bedroom Clothing

Start your clean, decluttered closet with all the hangers’ tips facing the front of the closet (backwards).

As you clean out your jewelry, gather your unwanted gold pieces into a pile. Then take them down to your local jeweler who can sort them out and then give you cash.

Organizing Tip for Jewelry

Have you used or worn it in the last year?’ Then grab yourself some drawer dividers for the items you’re keeping to help everything stay as organized as possible.

Organizing Tip for Bedroom Dressers and Nightstands


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