Peony Tips for the Most Gorgeous Arrangements

Combine my peony tips with these arrangement pointers and enjoy your gorgeous flowers for even longer!

So I’m sharing my best peony tips on how to select, prepare and even – how to arrange them. So let’s talk everything peonies!

Peonies will last the longest when still in the bud form. Be sure and touch the bud – if it’s soft – that means it’s close to opening. And that’s the flower that you want to buy! 

Buy peony buds.  

In order for your peonies to drink up the most water, the stems need to be cut at an angle. This easy little trick increases the surface area of the cut, helping the blooms absorb more water and nutrients. 

Cut stems at an angle. 

You can easily make your own by adding a spoonful of granulated sugar to your flowers cool water. Just be sure to replace the water every two days, because mixing in sugar can encourage bacteria to grow. 

Don’t forget to add the flower food.  

If your buds are taking longer than you like to open, I have some tips you can try. First, remove the outer leaves that are covering the buds. Second, place the peonies in warm water. And third, find a warm room with lots of bring light. 

Help the buds gently open. 



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