Ideas For Stylish Neutral Cubes and Poufs In Your Home

A collection of stylish, neutral cube and pouf ideas for a side table, extra seating at a coffee table, tucked under an entryway table, and other small spaces throughout your home!

These small, but yet versatile pieces can nicely squeeze into almost any decor, room or budget. And the best part about them  is how useful they can be as well!

Up first are the extremely stylin’ and useful cube ottomans. These small, pieces are fantastic when paired with large living room furniture.

The Stylish Cube Ottoman

A perfect way to use a set of cube ottomans is to place them next to coffee table as extra seating (like below). Because they are low, they don’t create any unusual traffic flows or block the view of a television.

My favorite neutral cube ottomans have to be my plaid ones. I love their neutral colors and they’ve moved all over our home from the basement, to the living room to our bedroom.

Neutral Cube Ottoman Ideas

A woven round or square pouf is perfect for a basement den, kids’ rooms or even in an outdoor space like the back porch.

The Comfy Floor Pouf

If you want to use a pouf as a little accent table, all you need is to add a more durable flat surface like a small tray on top.


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