How to Make Cheap Flower Arrangements Look Expensive

A beautiful floral arrangement doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Learn how to make grocery store flowers look expensive with all of my best tips and tricks!

Today I want to share all my tips and tricks so you too can create a lovely floral arrangement and still have money left over for your actual groceries!

For this arrangement I used some pink roses, lots of eucalyptus (silver dollar and seeded), baby’s breath, a small glass cylinder, scotch tape and some scissors.

I applied the scotch tape to the top of my cylinder in a grid like pattern to give all the stems extra support in the vase.

I start filling my vase with my greenery first. I start out with inserting it mostly symmetrical around the vase. But if I am using seeded eucalyptus, I like to insert the biggest bunches on opposite sides of the vase. 

Next up is my flowers. I start inserting those in the middle and just work my way out. Using the scissors, I trim the stems by about two-four inches depending on the vase. 

There was only one bouquet of roses in this color at the grocery store so my arrangement has more ‘open spaces’ then I would really prefer. 


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