How To Display Cutting Boards In A Kitchen

Long gone are the days when the cutting boards were hidden away in those lower cabinets of the kitchen. You may have noticed that today, those stylish cutting boards are being displayed loud and proud!

We are going beyond simply placing a cutting board on the kitchen counter (even though I love that look) and exploring more creative displays!

Collecting a variety and displaying them together or throughout the kitchen is one of the best ways to add warmth and character to a white kitchen.

Many Types of Cutting BoardsColors

Displaying a mix of wood boards is a great way to create contrast and interest. Your collection will be more eye catching and look more like decor rather than just kitchen tools!

Wooden Cutting Board

Slate is always a popular choice for using as a cheese or bread board as well. Natural stone boards add a look of elegance and compliment wood cutting boards so beautifully!

Natural Stone Board

Wood and marble inlay boards are such a great idea! They create a super unique look and are so trendy right now.

Wood and Marble Inlay Board

This type of board is super useful in the kitchen. Plastic boards are great for cutting veggies or raw meat. 

Plastic Cutting Boards


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