How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Decor

A simple and straightforward guide to help you choose the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware for your space. Kitchen cabinet hardware is such an easy way to make a big impact on your home!

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But with so many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to go through the process of selecting a style and finish that works for you and matches your decor.

So when it come to selecting kitchen hardware, you need to first decide if want to use all knobs, all pulls, or a combination of both.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Knobs have smaller profiles than handles, are usually less expensive, and can be used for both drawers and cabinets.


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They are usually more expensive than knobs, but can often still fit into a tight budget because they’re available in many different sizes.


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For a more modern contemporary style kitchen, cabinet knobs and long pulls can be used interchangeably.

Modern and Contemporary Kitchen

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Many interior designers will suggest sleek cabinet and drawer pulls all over as a great option for a more modern kitchen look.

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