How To Build Raised Garden

Learn how to build a raised garden with pavers  that'll add a fun architectural element to your yard.

Supplies Needed:

Pavers, paver sand, landscaping fabric, trenching shovel, steel tamper, level, chisel, protective eyewear, hammer, and quality garden soil.



Layout Garden Design

Start by laying out the design for your garden. I wanted to create a tiered look for this garden, so I divided the layout into two sections.

Dig The Paver Trench

Digging the trench is a very important step in building a raised garden. It prevents the grass from growing under the pavers and up inside the garden.


Level The Trench

The garden should be as level as possible to keep the structure secure and stable. Check to see how level each stone paver is and then add or remove sand as needed.


Add Landscape Fabric

The fabric prevents the soil from making its way out of the garden between the pavers. Since we're using quality soil for best plant growth, it's important it doesn't leak out!


Build Wall With Pavers

It’s best to stagger the pavers beginning with the second row by positioning each block so it spans over a joint. This will require chiseling some pavers in half as you go.


Add Garden Soil & Mix

For the garden soil, I used a combination of peat moss, organic compost, organic garden soil and some vermiculite. After that was thoroughly mixed, I just added in the plants. 



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