Hanging Kitchen Towels (Creative Ideas on Where and How To Hang)

photo credit / studio mcgee

Display those kitchen towels – don’t hide them away. Let me show how hanging kitchen towels in your kitchen can be both stylish and functional!

photo credit / crate and barrel

I enjoy switching them often to reflect the current season or my mood. I often grab them to dry dishes or clean up spills. And of course, I like how they instantly make my kitchen feel lived in.

If you like to have a clean hanging towel waiting for you, you might want to install a simple kitchen towel rack. I love the idea of how this one is displayed on the side of a kitchen cabinet.

Fresh Towel

photo credit / houzz

If you have a wet towel from drying dishes, you may want to hang it some where to completely dry out. A cabinet towel ring would be great way to hang a damp towel.

Damp Towels

photo credit / crate and barrel

If you don’t want to install anything permanently, laying a towel on the sink edge is great option for hand drying.

Hand Drying

photo credit / pure salt interiors

If you want to keep your kitchen towel close by but not necessary on the sink, the dishwasher handle can be a great kitchen towel holder.

Oven or Dishwasher Handle

photo credit / studio mcgee


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