Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas You’ll Love

The front porch is the first impression of your home – the handshake. So give everyone a friendly welcome with these beautiful front porch flower planter ideas!

A couple of planters full of seasonal blooms and a fun doormat can do wonders.

Since we all want to make a great first impression, it seems practical to keep this area tidy and well maintained.

Why Decorate the Front Porch?

In fact, something as simple as a freshly painted front door and a couple of large planters can make a bold, cheerful statement and create an inviting entryway instantly.

When it comes to choosing flower combination for the front porch you need to keep in mind sun exposure just like with plants.

What Flowers Are Best for Front Porch Planters?

If your porch spends a lot of time in the sun, a flower planter filled with sun-loving geraniums, petunias, and lobelias would absolutely thrive.

It’s a simple clean look that will provide a ton of wow and sweet fragrance to all that visit your home – or perhaps just a walk by.

Large Wooden Planter Stand

Another classic front porch planter idea is a gorgeous grouping of terracotta pots filled with bright yellow and orange flowers.

Collection of Terracotta Pots

Daffodils and are so cheerful – making them the perfect flower for the front door! Combine them with calibrachoa, alyssum, and nemesia.


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