Elegant Tulip Eucalyptus Floral Arrangement

Easily create an elegant tulip eucalyptus floral arrangement with my three step process. Once you learn the key to a great arrangement, there’s no stopping the floral possibilities! 

The flowers seem to add life, color and a sweet natural fragrance to our home. So, I love to bring them home and experiment with different flower combinations.

First, you want to pick out a thriller. I chose to use tulips but the options here are limitless. 

Select Your Combination

I like to start by placing my spiller in the vase first. Eucalyptus can have rather long stems so I trim them down.

Start With the Spiller

Keeping with the same idea of no leaves in the water, I cut off the lower tulip leaf. Then I added the tulips to my vase.

Next, Is The Thriller

Now all that is left is to insert my filler flower, the baby’s breath. I tried to place in any empty spots to give a nice pop of white to the display.

Finally, The Filler


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