Elegant Floral Arrangement With Tulips And Eucalyptus

Easily create an elegant tulip eucalyptus floral arrangement with my three step process. Once you learn the key to a great arrangement, there’s no stopping the floral possibilities! 

The flowers seem to add life, color and a sweet natural fragrance to our home. So, I love to bring them home and experiment with different flower combinations.

First you want to pick out the thriller. I chose to use tulips but the options here are limitless. Roses, Hydrangeas, Ranunculus, and Peonies are also pretty thrillers for a floral bouquet.

Select Your Combination

I like to start by placing my spiller in the vase first. Eucalyptus can have rather long stems so I trim them down. Then I pull off any leaves that are low enough to get submerged in the water.

Start With the Spiller

Keeping with the same idea of no leaves in the water, I cut off the lower tulip leaf. Then I added the tulips to my vase, trying to disburse them in an even amount for each of my vase buds. 

Next, Is The Thriller

Now all that is left is to insert my filler flower, the baby’s breath. I tried to place in any empty spots to give a nice pop of white to the display. And that is it!

Finally, The Filler


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