Easy Spring Flower Arrangement Featuring Cabbage

One of my favorite ways to welcome spring is with a fresh bouquet. See how easy it is to create this spring flower arrangement that features cabbage!

Spring is such a beautiful season to watch! As the days get warmer more things start to come alive. Watching those early bulb flowers like daffodils, hyacinth and tulips do their thing is so amazing.

Supplies You’ll Need


red kale cabbage

kale green




The first think I inserted in the bud vase was the cabbage. I picked it first because the leaves are pretty big and make a huge statement.

Start With Cabbage

Ranunculus tend to be more weak and floppy, so I wanted to insert them in first so I could then support them more with the other flowers in the bouquet.

Next Add More Fragile Flowers

I added in the carnations. I gently just placed them into the spring flower arrangement any where there was a gap or empty spot.

Finish By Filling In With Carnations


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