Easy Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas for Everyday

photo credit | Pure Salt Interiors

In past years, it was considered closed off and only for holidays or special occasions. Fast forward to today and now the dining area is more of an open place to gather for everyday uses.

photo credit | Studio McGee

The purpose of a dining table centerpiece (besides reducing clutter) is to create a focus for the table. It grounds your table and takes away that ‘floating feeling’ when it’s just a bare table.

This grapevine nest filled with tulips and mums is placed next to everything you need to get dinner on the table. So this centerpiece is not only pretty but also incredibly functional for everyday life!

Fresh Flowers

photo credit | Inspiration for Moms

Want an even more simple centerpiece? Why not go with a large centerpiece such as a garden planter filled with your favorite potted plant. It’s a great way to give your table a fresh look.

Large Centerpiece

photo credit | Inspiration for Moms

One idea that I think makes a stunning centerpiece is two vases of varying heights filled with some simple branches.

Vases of Varying Heights

photo credit | Studio McGee

A tiered tray can be a another beautiful centerpiece that can also add function. You can use it to add color to the table with fresh fruit or flowers.

Tiered Tray


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