Best Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

The best part about entertaining outdoors is no matter the size, you can make any space a great location to lounge with family and friends. So start by creating several relaxing zones.

Being prepared for whatever your guests may need outside is always a good idea. I like to start by placing lots of citronella candles throughout our outdoor entertaining areas.

Take for instance our front porch area. It is super small but I searched and found furniture that fits into this tiny area perfectly.

Front Porch

This area can easily seat any party from 2-6. Maybe even seven if we squeeze together. If there’s more people, we can easily stretch out into the lounge side of the deck.  

Dining Area

On the other side of our backyard deck is the second zone. This is our best outdoor lounging area. It’s a go-to morning coffee spot or the evening unwind-from-the-day seat. 

Lounging Area

It’s a great place to tuck away for a hammock snuggle for two. Heck – even the boys love to chill here together in the early evening hours after dinner. 

Hammock Area


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