Bedroom Refresh (The Extended Version!) 

& Ceramic Vase Tutorial

I decided to do a second post today sharing the sources to more of the items in the room and give you that quick tutorial for the white plastered ceramic vase as well!  

Here’s what you will need for this project:

vase or planter you want to paint

plaster of paris

sanding block(if you like)

paint brush

painters tape

Mix your dry plaster with water until you have close to the consistency of pancake batter. Then using your brush start by applying a thin coat.  


As the plaster starts to harden, go back and dab away any paint lines and add some texture to the vase finish. Then allow that to dry for about an hour. 


Once dry, you can apply another coat to get the look you’re trying to achieve. For me, I wanted most of the green gone so I actually applied three coats. 


After I was done with that step, I just left it over night to dry completely. Then I popped in a few faux eucalyptus stems and now I have a stylin’ vintage looking addition to my bedroom dresser.


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