7 Ideas on How to Decorate the Bathroom Counter

Think outside the normal bathroom accessories and learn seven simple ways how to decorate the bathroom counter space! Bathrooms can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to decorating.

 We often tend to focus our decorating attention on other areas of the home like the living room or bedrooms. But bathrooms need love too!

When you use a tray for even the most simple bathroom accessories, the styling feels much more high-end and organized.

Start by Organizing With A Tray

Using canisters is a great way to reduce clutter and make your bathroom design feel more elegant and modern at the same time.

Use Beautiful Storage for Everyday Items

Vases can make a big impact when it comes to bathroom styling because they add height and texture to the room. Plus you can play around with whatever pattern or color you want. 

Add Vase or Live Plants

Not only do they bring natural textures to the space, but they’re also a fantastic way to store any type of items, from big to small!

Incorporate Texture with Baskets

Always having a candle in your bathroom makes it instantly feel more like a spa and will most likely lift your mood any and every time you enter the room.

Incorporate Sleek Candles and Strikers


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