15 Seasonal Flowering Shrubs

This is definitely a goal I have for our house! Nothing makes the curb appeal of a home look as lovely as flowers when they are in full bloom.

The gorgeous mixture of different colors, textures, and fragrances can be quite striking and captivating.

Camellias are long-blooming flowers with the ability to stretch to the winter season. They have beautiful buds and the broad, glossy leaves make this a wonderful landscaping flower.


Smoke bush is a deciduous, hardy plant that blooms in the summer. It loves the full sun but can also be planted in sparsely shaded places.

Smoke Bush

Beautiful colored flowers in late spring, a spicy-sweet fragrance and colorful fall foliage and the coolest seed pods. New types are more cold-hardy. 


The yellow blooms of the Witch hazel are very fragrant and the flower buds are used to manufacture scents, creams, and herbal ointments. You will often find this shrub in wooded areas.

Witch Hazel


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