10 Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen

The kitchen, it’s the place where you do all your cooking and baking. But it’s also the room where you store everything from food, cooking tools, serving dishes and cleaning supplies.

So I’m sharing with you 10 small kitchen organization ideas that will help you organize your kitchen and store everything you need — easily!

The kitchen counter tray is a great organizational tool because it gives you easy access to kitchen tools.

Kitchen Counter Trays

I found this wooden spice drawer organizer and the great thing about it is — it’s customizable. So it’s perfect for small kitchen drawers.

Spice Drawer Organizer

I’ve learned to keep all my fruits and veggies sorted and separated, and to do that these glass containers work perfectly.

Fridge Organizers

Once I installed this pullout organizer, I couldn’t wait to show everyone! I promise you, it’s gonna be your best friend in this space.

Cabinet Pull Out Organizer

I’ve been using these bamboo organizers for a long time! They’ve helped me to divide my drawers from the three sections I had before into six or seven sections I have now.

Bamboo Trays for Drawers


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