10 Organization Ideas for Small Kitchens 

10 ideas that will help you organize your kitchen and store everything you need!

Kitchen Counter Trays

Easily store items within reach and save the valuable kitchen drawer space for not-so-pretty items like the can opener!

Spice Drawer Organizer

This wooden spice drawer organizer is great because it’s customizable. So it’s perfect for small kitchen drawers.

Fridge Organizers

Glass containers are great for storing leftovers or for meal prepping. And they keep the fridge organized beautifully!

Cabinet Pull-out Organizer

Small kitchen organization  ideas like this are a game  changer. Once installed, everything was organized

Baskets for Corner Cabinets

Corner lazy susan cabinet got you spinning? Use these unique organizing baskets to keep everything in place!

Bamboo Trays for Drawers

These organizers helped me to divide my drawers three sections into the six/ seven sections I have now!

Pan Oganizers

Not just for pans! I’ve been using them to organize and store all of my bakeware for years now.

Pull-out Trash/Recycle Center

Even with our small kitchen, I found a cabinet that could store a trashcan and a recycle can as well. Priceless!

Turntables for Tight Corners

Make the most of those awkward upper corner cabinets with a simple spin of the turntable.

Knife Drawer Organizer

Clean and declutter your counters while keeping your knives easily accessible with this handy organizer!

10 Kitchen Organization Ideas

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