UPDATED! Travelin’ Around Town Tuesday

This week I went to 3 stores; Target, Sprouts, and King Soopers.

Target total spent was $11.44. I purchased (5) 12-packs of soda (3 Dr. Pepper and 2 Mt. Dew), 1 bottle of ketchup, 1 bottle of bubbles, 1 pkg of strawberries, Nivea lotion double pack, and 1 Brita double-pack water filters. I used coupons on the soda, Nivea (which made this free), and strawberries. The 40oz. ketchup was on sale for $1, and will be on sale until 6/12!! Good time to stock up for all those backyard BBQ’s !! The Brita filters were on clearance for $4.71!! I also received a $5.00 Target gift card when I purchased the soda. So my actual final total was $6.44!!

Sprouts total spent was $28.68. I purchased (2) Lara bars, organic chicken broth, 2 quinoa pasta, extra lean ground beef, ground turkey, blueberries, cherries, grape tomatoes, green onions, apples, avacado, and bananas. I had 2 coupons I used for the quinoa pasta. 

King Soopers total spent was $8.03. I purchased organic milk and 2 dozen eggs.

This week my total spent was $43.15 making me $16.85 under budget!! But I have more good news! For this weeks shopping trips I used a $35.00 Visa gift card I had received from promotion at Rite Aid. So this weeks groceries I actually spent, of my own money, a grand total of $8.15!!!!!!!!! Now that’s is what I call a good shopping week!!

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