UPDATE: Whole Foods: Organic Spectrum Ground Flaxseed…$.99!!

I went to my Whole Foods today, like I promised and was so sad…they did not have the Organic Spectrum Ground Flaxseed on sale at my store. *Sigh* 

But, I did find out some interesting information that I wanted to share with you. The sales associate at Whole Foods told me that on Tuesdays, supplements are 15% off. There are no signs marking the items but she said it would be automatically adjusted at the register! I don’t know if this is a local thing or nationwide, but it never hurts to ask!

So, since the $3.00 off coupon I told you about HERE is still good until 10/31, I am going to keep checking on Tueday’s! Maybe of of these Tuesday’s will be my lucky day and I will find it on sale and get an additional 15% off!! Yippie!!

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