UPDATE!! Travelin’ Around Town Tuesday

I decided to start a new posting for every Tuesday. It’s called “Travelin’ Around Town Tuesday”. I thought I would share with you pictures of what sale items I have purchased shopping from store to store. Tuesday’s usually are my BIG shopping days. 

This week I went to 4 stores: Sunflower Market, Sprouts, King Soopers and Safeway. I don’t usually go to that many stores in one day, but I was really trying to grab every good sale I could find. So here’s the break down.

Sunflower Market/ Total Spent $12.10:
Here I bought mostly produce: spinach, broccoli, and squash. I also purchased two packs of chicken breast because they were on sale of $1.77 lb.

Sprouts Farmers Market/ Total Spent $12.70:
Here I purchased some more produce: apples, oranges, blue berries, bell peppers, 10 lb. bag of potatoes, roma tomatoes, mushrooms and bananas.

King Soopers/ Total Spent $11.43 (not pictured)
Here I purchased some ocean spray juice, OJ, and ice cream. I only had a coupon  for the ocean spray juice, so this store was not a big savings week.

Safeway/ Total Spent $10.13 (not pictured)
Here I snagged great prices on cereal. I got 5 boxes of cereal and two bags of Tostitos Chips. I used Safeway coupons and manufactured coupons for double savings!

My total amount spent this week is $46.47.

UPDATE! I went to Safeway AGAIN!! I know…but there was a great deal that was only for today and I didn’t want to miss it! Although its to late to share that deal with you now..I have another deal that I can share. 

While I was at Safeway, I got 3 boxes of cereal for free! Here’s how you can too.

Go to your milk area and look for a blinkie coupon on the doors of the milk cases. There you should find a coupon for $2.00 off a box of Honey Bunches of Oats when you buy a gallon of milk. The milk can be any brand, as you see I purchased organic. Then you match this coupon with the sale that Safeway has on Honey Bunches of Oats, buy 3 for $6.00 or $2.00 a box! And wow wee… FREE CEREAL!!


  1. You are so funny, I can even hear you saying all this…even the woo wee…heheheh. Great find Laura, I want to make you my personal shopper. You rock! -nirma

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