Travelin’ Home…Goodbye Chicago

Today is a bitter sweet day.
We are leaving Chicago and our dear friends
and heading back home to Colorado.
Although we miss home and little man misses school,
we are going to miss our friends and this fun city even more.

I have to admit,

yesterday was a great finish to our visit to Chicago.
 We started off the day at the Shedd Aquarium. 
Out of everything Sebastian saw in the aquarium,
he fell in love with one thing…sting rays.

 If you look really close at the above picture,
you will find an ‘S’ on the sting rays back.
Sebastian loved that this guy had an ‘S’ just like him. 🙂
The Jellyfish exhibit was also a big hit!
 Those little guys are so amazing!

 After the aquarium,
we headed down Michigan Ave. towards a famous pizza restuarant…
Gino’s East! 

We enjoyed some fabulous Chicago pizza
along with some great 80-90’s music.
Nothin’ like the song  “Ice-Ice Babe”  to get you dancin’!
On our way out of Gino’s I noticed this cute bathroom sign,
I just had to snap a picture to share,
After dinner we ventured over to one of my favorite stores in Chicago!

As soon as you walked in the store,
the chocolate smell was amazing!

I found this 5 pounds of happiness waiting for me…

I didn’t think that baby could fit in my suitcase or it would have been mine!
Although I left that store empty handed,
I did enjoy a sweet treat for dessert.

Right across the street from the Hershey’s store is
Ghiradelli Chocolate Store.
This heaven on Earth not only sales packaged chocolate
but they also serve up ice cream sundaes!

Which is exactly what I got to share with my hubby.

Yes, part of it was already eaten by the time I snapped the photo,
It was so yummy I almost forgot to take a picture. 🙂

We made a ton of great memories in this city and even
though I am not even back to my own home yet,
I am already excited to go travelin’ again!

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