Trans. Fats…Not All That! (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I shared with you information on trans fats. I explained what trans fats are and where you can find them. If you missed the article, you can go HERE to read all about it. 

Today, I want to share with you all the wonderful foods you can enjoy that do not contain trans fats. To know whether or not a food item contains trans fats is rather simple…basically, it’s best, when it’s fresh! 

All fresh produce does not contain trans fat. Where you really need to be careful, and read those labels, is with anything that has been processed. When reading labels, you will not see in any product’s list of ingredients the words “trans fat.”  That doesn’t mean it’s not there, it’s just not technically called that. Look for words like “partially hydrogenated” or “hydrolyzed” or anything with “hydro” in the description. That’s a trans fat. 

Now, if you’re looking at the ingredient lists on your favorite foods for those types of terms, prepare to be overwhelmed.  If you’re at the grocery store almost EVERYTHING on the cookie and cracker aisle contains trans fats.

Even the foods that say they don’t contain trans fats actually do, because in really tiny print it says “per serving” which means it contains it, just not enough to be considered a full serving’s worth. Almost all baked goods contain trans fats unless they are organic.  They key here is you got to read those labels. It may take you longer in the grocery store, but your health is so worth it!!

Although, there are still some wonderful processed foods that are great, healthy choices. For example, LARABAR are processed, but when you read the label of ingredients you will only find food, no chemicals or preservatives!!! Love, LARABARS, love ’em!!

You can avoid trans fats if you take a little more time in reading labels and making wise food choices. You and your family’s health are worth the effort!!

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