Trans Fats….Not All That! (Part 1)

If you are wanting to change one thing in your diet that would give you better overall health, trans fats would be a great place to start!

First, I should explain what a trans fat is…partial hydrogenation is an industrial process used to make a perfectly good oil, into a perfectly bad oil. The process is used to make an oil more solid and provide longer shelf-life in baked products. It also provides longer fry-life for cooking oils and provides a certain kind of texture or “mouthfeel.” The big problem is that partially hydrogenated oil is laden with lethal trans fat. 

If we stop to think why manufacturers are putting this into their foods to give the food a resistance to mold and bacteria, then how is our body going to break it down or digest this substance? Do we ever completely rid it from our bodies or does it just get stored somewhere in our fat because our bodies simply don’t know what else to do with it?

So now you may be asking, what foods do I eat every day that have trans fats or partial hydrogenated oils?   Well, partially hydrogenated oils are commonly found in processed foods like commercial baked products such as cookies, cakes and crackers, and even in bread. They are also used as cooking oils (called “liquid shortening”) for frying in restaurants. So this means your favorite french fries or your favorite Mint Milano cookies all contain trans fats! Bummer, I know!!

But, don’t worry! There are still plenty of great foods you can eat that don’t contain trans fats…and I will share that list with you on Friday!

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